Alfred Gratien
Extraordinary champagne has a name: Alfred Gratien. The house of Alfred Gratien has been producing champagne since 1864. Rigorous selection of grapes, traditional winemaking methods, voluntarily limited output and respect for the land - these principles and the fact that it is one of the last few remaining "hand-crafted" champagne producers in the world are the secret behind the outstanding quality of Alfred Gratien champagne and the factors which make it unique.

The Pinot Noir grape gives the champagne a vinous character and body, while Pinot Meunier, a typical champagne grape, provides nutty aromas and creates a wine which better lends itself to cellar ageing. The lively finish, a delicate bouquet of white flowers and citrus fruits, comes from the Chardonnay, the only white grape variety used.

The commitment of the management to remain true to the principles of founder Alfred Gratien is clear in every stage of the production of these spirited wines.
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