Cavas Hill

Cavas Hill has one of the oldest Cava Cellars, dating back to 1887.  This means that in every bottle comes history, tradition, relationships and experience.  In fact Cavas Hill has long standing relationships with small growers that guarantee consistent grape quality. The Cava production area covers 160 towns and villages located in a number of Spain’s Autonomous Communities.  The majority of these towns and villages are found in Catolnia’s wine growing region, more specifically, the Penedès district. And while every bottle of Cavas Hill Cava is all about quality, it is also about value sparkling wine made in the traditional Cava method of “ennoble.” 

Ennoble is the term used to describe the traditional process of adding different varieties of grape to a vineyard’s stock.  It was this method that actually saved the vines back in the 19th century when phylloxera hit. It also contributed to the current richness of the vineyards of the Penedès today. The method of making Cava also includes a secondary in-bottle fermentation which takes place in the cellars at a constant temperature of 57-60 degrees Fahrenheit and over the course of five months. 

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