Gloria Ferrer
As the first sparkling wine house in California’s renowned Carneros region, founded in 1986, Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards has stories to tell.  The first inklings of Gloria Ferrier wines were actually hatched back in the 1930’s, when Pedro Ferrer first traveled to North America.  Back at home, Ferrer and his wife Delores Sala Ferrer were fairly famous winemakers of Cava, Spanish sparkling wine.

The Ferrer family had been growing grapes and making wines in Spain since the 1500’s.  The 335 acre estate in Carneros, dedicated to Pinot Noir, is best known for their sparkling wines. The family’s history and culture is in every bottle of Gloria Ferrer.  
Gloria Ferrer embodies winegrowing history, time-honored tradition, and centuries-old winemaking practices.
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