In 1832, Adam Henkell founded a wine merchant company, but his real passion was sparkling wine. He moved to France to master sparkling wine production as he had his sights on producing quality sparkling wine on German soil. In 1857, Henkell had a wine cellar and sparkling wine facility built in the city of Wiesbaden in southwestern Germany.

Today, Henkell is Germany’s most popular sparkling wine and the winery recently celebrated its 175th anniversary.  What makes Henkell so distinct is the perfect marriage of the Charmat Method and the Méthode Champenoise. Unlike most sparkling wines produced utilizing the Charmat Method, Henkell leaves the wine in Charmat stainless steel for six months for a slow natural fermentation. After six months, the sparkling wine is bottled and then aged for a minimum of three additional months. 
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