In Spanish Mia means “mine” and refers to the passionate young Barcelona winemaker, Gloria Collell who spearheaded the development of this wine project; the Mia Family of wines which is all about the richness of Spain's grape heritage and the color and youthful excitement of Barcelona.

Inspired by her family’s long history of wine-making and her own experience and expertise, Collell sought out the support of Pedro Ferrer and his world-renowned Freixenet company to realize her dream: to marry the extraordinarily diverse grape culture of Spain with the freshness and youthful exuberance of her hometown, Barcelona.

Having spontaneous fun in the sun and sharing vinos with amigos is a fundamental part of Barcelona's culture. Freixenet brings over 150 years of expertise in popping the cork for celebrations, big and small, around the world. Mía by Freixenet invites you to share their festive heritage and the colorful spirit of Barcelona, so we can all celebrate the sunny side of life.

The Mia wines are all about the spirit and fire of a young winemaker. 
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