Mionetto has been Italy’s foremost producer of Prosecco wines for more than 120 years.  The winery was founded in 1887 by Francesco Mionetto in the small village of Valdobbiadene, located just north of Venice. On the steep hillsides of Valdobbiadene, the delicate Prosecco grapes found ideal soil and climate conditions.  Prosecco is an especially challenging wine to produce because of historical ownership laws in the region.  Wineries traditionally do not own their vineyards or own very little and most Prosecco vineyards are small, ranging in size from only 1-4 hectares.

It is the winemaker’s job then not only to produce a high quality sparkling wine, but to maintain the relationships with local farmers who provide the grapes. Mionetto is fortunate to have relationships with vineyard owners that date back for generations. Many of the farmers have been working with Mionetto for over 40 years. The strength and longevity of these relationships can affect the quality and quantity of grapes provided to a winery.  These relationships have been passed from generation to generation within the Mionetto family.

The Mionetto winemaking tradition continues today under master vintner Alessio del Savio, who studied as Sergio Mionetto’s protégé for 10 years, and also under the esteemed Henkell Group, the most prestigious sparkling wine company in Europe.
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