Cartlidge & Browne

Tony Cartlidge was sitting in the cab of a cement mixer on a nuclear power plant construction site in Washington State reading a book on great California winemakers when a light went off in his head.  Somehow the words in the book turned the wheels in his head, and he jumped into his 1960 rambler and headed to Napa.  He immediately started looking for any kind of work in the wine industry.   When Cartlidge met Glen Browne, an entrepreneur with some money to invest, they set out to build a wine company from scratch.  And they did. 

Known today as maverick winemakers, the two sourced grapes from the best vineyards and growers in the region and they set up shop in a garage and began Cartlidge & Browne Winery.   Rules were broken.  Small lot world-class wine was made.

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