Educated Guess
The Mark Wine TVRoots Run Deep Winery was founded in 2005 with the promise of producing unparalleled wine from the Napa Valley at prices everyone can afford. Grapes grown by the best producers in Yountville, Oakville, Rutherford and Carneros wine districts go into making our wines superb in quality and unmatched in value. Proprietor Mark Albrecht is a 15-year veteran in the wine industry and has been involved in all aspects of the industry from restaurant to retail, and wholesaler to supplier. His philosophy, along with that of winemaker Barry Gnekow, is that truly great wines can be truly affordable.

The name “Educated Guess” came about during a lively, second bottle of wine conversation about winemaking styles, vineyard sites, and the progressive escalation of wine prices without comparable increases in quality. The discussion then proceeded to the “art vs. science” aspect of winemaking and at the end of the evening…“Educated Guess” was born.

At Roots Run Deep Winery they combine knowledge, intuition, and years of experience to make the best possible decisions; however at the end of the day it still remains an “Educated Guess.” We have done all of the Guesswork for you, and produce rich, ripe, and complex wines. So when you won’t settle for less, choose Educated Guess. For more information please visit The Mark Wine TV.
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