In December 1987, the Fess Parker family purchased a piece of ranch property in Santa Barbara County's Foxen Canyon, already the home of several outstanding wineries. The family's eventual foray into the wine business proved to be an important turning point in the professional life of Eli Parker. What began as a curious infatuation would later become a lifelong vocation as his innate winemaking talent was revealed.

Epiphany is a winemaker’s wine, one which satisfies Eli's  passion for and fascination with winemaking. Crafting interesting wines of exquisite quality is the sole reason for the conception of Epiphany.

Epiphany finds its identity and passion in the production of esoteric Rhone-based varietals and blends from some of the finest vineyard designates in California.

The Epiphany portfolio has become a highly coveted selection of mostly Santa Barbara County- designated Rhone-inspired wines, considered by leading critics to be a flagship producer from this vibrant growing region.

Epiphany has transformed into a leading, contemporary producer of Rhone-based and esoteric varietal wines from the Central Coast, and a meaningful representation of the second generation of the Parker family name, and their continued dedication to ultra-premium wine production on the Central Coast.

Sought after by chefs, sommeliers, retail buyers and consumers alike, the Epiphany brand has distinguished itself among the wine cognoscenti as a trustworthy, quality-oriented and forward-thinking wine brand.

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