When you look up the word “harken” in the dictionary, it doesn’t give a definition, it simply says “harken” is a verb and synonyms include attend, hark, listen, hear, heed and mind.  Harken Chardonnay is all about heeding the cries from lovers of those toasty, oaky chardonnays.

Harken Chardonnay was created to fill that void.  The void left when someone decided that chardonnay should be un-oaked and butter and toast free.  Well, that toasty buttery chardonnay that somehow fell out of style is back.    Harken Chardonnay honors the days when things were done right-including the art of winemaking. Harken Chardonnay is all about that rich, oaky taste of Chardonnays gone by. 

Harken Chardonnay is 100% barrel fermented, 100& malolactic and 7 months in 80% American and 20% French Oak.  It has the classic chardonnay flavor profile; tropical fruit and Bosc pear alongside warm oak aromatics.  Think crème brulée and buttered toast with a fresh finish. 

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