if you see kay

Inspired by author James Joyce’s 1922 masterpiece Ulysses, which was banned in the United States until 1934, and the evocative art of Montreal-based tattoo artist Chen-Jeh Chen, If You See Kay embodies the principle of living life to the fullest and saying IYSK to the status quo.

if you see kay is a creature, she is an emobidment of a lifestyle, a genre, a fgeeling in your gut. Kay is a force of nature, a wanderer. She represents the philosophy of "wide open throttle or don't brother doing it at all", she's notr trying to bem she just is.

Paso Robles is the anti-Napa wine country of California. Life here isn’t about showroom wineries, fancy dinners or luxury cars. Life here is about bucking the trend, wide open roads and a place where wild boars still roam the vineyards. Paso is the place that Kay calls home.

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