The majestic Lion belongs to the genus Panthera, which is the family of the largest cats. The Lion, or Panthera Leo as it is classified scientifically, is one of the most distinctive members of this group. With its mighty mane and recognizable features, the Lion has become an iconic image worldwide, and is also the symbol of the Hess family.

The Lion has served as the emblem of the Hess Family in every generation. It has come to symbolize the bold and persevering nature of founder Donald Hess and their winery home on Mount Veeder. “Live Each Day with the Heart and Courage of The Lion” is the Hess Family credo, and their Panthera Chardonnay pays homage to this prodigious icon of the Hess family.

The word Panthera is believed to be of East Asian origin, meaning ‘the yellowish animal’ or golden-yellow. As a reflection of this moniker, The Hess Collection have crafted a striking golden-yellow Chardonnay that is opulent in style and beautifully textured.
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