Trinidadian Chef R.C. Mills is one of the pioneers of “infusion cuisine,” and has worked with such greats as Mark Miller, Jean-Louis Palladin and Alain Ducasse.  In fact Mills became known as the “go to” chef for many Senators, Congressmen, Ambassadors and world leaders.  Popcorn is his vision.

“The scent of the herb and spices are still present in my memory,” Mills says of his upbringing in the Caribbean nation of Trinidad, “and that is why our wines will always be unique with style and depth.  Think of the colors of the Caribbean…to me this what wines are suppose to be…alive, harmonious enjoyment.”

Popcorn Chardonnay is picked from individual vineyard blocks to find the perfect balance between ripeness, sweetness, acidity and flavor.  The vineyard sourcing is from California coastal vineyards including the Santa Lucia Highlands.   The result is a wine that has aromas of dulce de leche, honeysuckle and ripe apples. 

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