Founded in 1982 Qupé wines focus on quality, character, and balance.

Qupé (pronounced kyoo-pay') is the Chumash Indian word for California poppy. The Chumash are native to California's Central Coast and the poppy every present in Qupé's iconic logo is the state flower of California.

Qupé specializes in Rhône-style wines from the Bien Nacido Vineyard in Santa Maria, that is farmed sustainable, the Sawyer Lindquist Vineyard in the Edna Valley, farmed biodynamically, and the Ibarra-Young Vineyard in Los Olivos, farmed organically.

Bob Lindquist's exacting standards and never-resting-on-laurels attitude, allows Qupé to continually be cutting edge and a benchmark other wineries aspire to be.

They have also been charged with making both wines that can be enjoyed in their youth but also benefit from aging because of their cool climate sites.

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