When the Cronk family packed up their house and life in London, they had a plan.  Move to Provence and make world class Rosé.  Well, they’ve done just that.  Stephen Cronk traded in his corporate life and together with his wife and three kids landed in a small village called Cotignac.  Together with their lead winemaker Nathalie Longefay, Mirabeau makes three tiers of Rosé; Classic, Pure and Etoile.

During the past 7 years since their first vintage, they have developed relationships with some of the best growers in the region, covering over 5,000 acres of prime vineyards and giving them access to fantastic fruit from different locations. Longefay was born into a winemaking family in Beaujolais but moved south to specialize in the wines of Provence, and in particular rosé.

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