50° Riesling
Introducing 50º Degree Riesling, a Restaurant & Hotel Exclusive, made along the 50th parallel in Germany's Rheingau region under the watchful care of world renowned Schloss Johannisberg, the world's first Riesling estate, since 817. 

Although the Rheingau region is relatively small in terms of vineyard acreage, it is one of the most important wine-growing regions in Germany, and also the world. This is the home of Riesling, ​t​he 50° latitude on which it lies also marks the most northerly point in which viticulture is possible. It is a phenomenon that this is the home of this noblest white wine variety, which was first documented in records of the region in 1435, flourishes exactly along this geographical line.
The special climate of the region​, described as a ​"continental cool climate​"​ in viticultural terms, occurs only at the 50° latitude and provides ideal conditions for the Riesling grape, a late-ripening grape variety. These grapes are meticulously hand harvested and softly crushed. 50° Riesling has aromas of ripe peaches, green apples with a hint of citrus. It is crisp and tangy, lively, yet elegant, with a harmonious off-dry finish.

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