Schloss Johannisberg
The First Riesling Wine Estate in the World. Few wine enthusiasts probably realize that with every sip of Riesling from Schloss Johannisberg, they are enjoying the legacy of nearly 1,200 years of history that involves a monastery and a palace – both of which are steeped in wine history – a chequered history during which many a fortunate wine discovery was made, for which gourmets the world over are grateful. The first documented wine harvest was in A.D. 817. Louis the Pious was delighted with the 6,000 litres of wine from the vines on the hill then known as Bischofsberg (bishop’s hill).

The Rieslings of Schloss Johannisberg have won innumerable prizes, medals and awards in the past, and the future also looks promising. Nevertheless, a wine estate so steeped in tradition can also take pride in its past. In the “Bibliotheca subterranea”, the underground treasure chamber of Schloss Johannisberg, more than 11,000 bottles of Riesling – the oldest date from the 1748 vintage – are lying in the over 900-year-old vaulted cellars. It is the most comprehensive collection of Rieslings in the world. As such, with its library of Rieslings, Schloss Johannisberg is an unsurpassable highlight. It’s only a pity that the number of “library passes” is so limited.
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