La Chiara

La Chiara is the story of the Bergaglios family and their vineyards in the countryside around the town of Gavi, in the Piedmont region. Their long-standing farming traditions, the Bergaglio family has played a key role in the success of Gavi and has been producing great wine in Piedmont for three generations. A family that has always been inextricably linked with the Gavi region and its wine-growing traditions their name has been synonymous with quality, experience, harmony.

It all originated from the great vision and passion of Ferdinando Bergaglio and his son Roberto, who realised the wine-making potential of the land. After a lifetime spent working at a historic local company, in 1976, Ferdinando – together with his newly wed son Roberto and daughter-in-law Silvana – decided to undertake a new adventure, by starting a family business, La Chiara.

Today, the vineyard extends over a vast area, all of it in Piedmont region, with 28 hectares occupied by vineyards cultivated with pride, passion, and the traditional method.

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