The Pertinace winery was founded in the Pertinace hamlet on the outskirts of the village of Treiso by Mario Barbero, its first President, and twelve grower friends between late 1972 and early 1973. With great enthusiasm, they decided to join their forces, properties and experience together in the “Cantina Vignaioli Elvio Pertinace” cooperative to fully exploit the potential of their vineyards in producing wines of the highest quality.

The many difficulties created by the limited facilities during the first vintages, the changing times, and the dedication of the members proved to be invaluable in deciding how the business should be developed.

In just a few years, the enormous sacrifices made by the co-operative’s members had turned Cantina Vignaioli into a thriving enterprise. With extended premises, they were able to expand the wine-making and ageing facilities, and to install a modern bottling and packaging line.

Today the winery has a production capacity of around 4000 hectolitres of wine made from the grapes grown on its members’ 70 hectares (170 acres) of vineyards.

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