The Réva winemaking style has been shaped by a wide range of influences. They take them all in and interpret them based on their own merits, free from the burden of tradition. This is the Réva way.

When it comes to winemaking, Réva aim to produce wines that are unique and personal. They should be able to communicate who they are and the terroir they work with. Their ambition to produce great wines means that they have to not just care for the vineyard. They must respect the characteristics of each vine and each variety. It means a finely tailored work tuned into the needs and qualities of each vineyard site and each vintage. They remain flexible and follow their instincts above all things.

Réva has chosen a 100%-organic regime for the management of its vineyards. This choice requires practices that prohibit the use of synthetic products, preserve the biodiversity of the vineyard, protect the fertility of the soil and ensure a wine is always true to its terroir.
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