Rocca Sveva
The Mark Wine TVRocca Sveva Estate wines are in a class by itself.   Nestled in the hills of the legendary Verona, these handcrafted wines are produced by famed, boutique winery Rocca Sveva. Under the guidance of oenologists, Paolo D’Agostin and Filippo Pedron, these traditional wines are made with historic Veronese grapes have garnered numerous awards and accolades, making Rocca Sveva a coveted winery worldwide.

Borgo Rocca Sveva is the result of an ambitious project designed by Cantina di Soave, whose objective was to make transparent, and to further strengthen, the bond between the local area and its entire culture on the one side and, on the other, a particular culture and science, that of wine, that over the centuries came into being and matured. Lying at the heart of a viticulturally-precious zone, and more visibly on the sloping sides of the Castello di Soave, Borgo Rocca Sveva is not only a painstakingly-restored wine cellar but it is above all a uniquely-evocative spot and a privileged centre for education in the culture of wine.

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