Simone Capecci
For Simone Capecci it all starts in the heart of the Marche Region. A perfect combination of extraordinarily fertile soil and the ideal conditions of the Mediterranean climate. It is these qualities of the March Region that have inspiried Simone Capecci to produce the wines that capture and preserve the magic of this reagion found at the heart of these vineyards.

The Piceni people, who first inhabited the Marche, were the first to spread the myth of the Mother Goddess of fertility & good luck. The symbol for the Mother Godess came to be the "Armilla Picena". A brass knot made up of six rings which symoblized fertility and good luck. The Armilla Picena is found on the label of every bottle of Simone Capecci wines. A tribute to the fertility of the land and the ancient soils which encapsulate the heart of every glass of Simone Capecci.
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