Tenuta di Capezzana
The Count Bonacossi family purchased the property in 1910, as they were Art Collectors from Spain. The family has been producing fine wine since the 1920’s. In 1975, they fought to receive a higher classification because they produced better quality wine than wines from a DOC, and in the 1990's they received the DOCG classification for Carmignano.

Carmignano is the smallest DOCG in Italy and has a 1,200 year history of premium wine production.

The wines in the portfolio, such as Monna Nera and Barco Reale, are Sangiovese driven and need to have between 10 to 20 percent of Cabernet Sauvignoin blended in, by law. Capezzana, because if its founding status, owns about 50% of the entire grape producing area of Carmignano.
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