When Firesteed first began making wine back in 1993, they were dedicated to two things; making sustainable, and premium quality varietal wines at affordable prices.  They started small and thanks to great reviews and customer loyalty, have enjoyed steady growth over the years.  The reason for this is simple; they produce wines of consistent quality, which isn’t always easy.  Rather than fighting the elements and forces of nature, they embrace the changing cycles and persevere to make premium wines year after year.

Firesteed’s winery and estate vineyards are certified by Oregon LIVE (Low Input Viticulture and Enology), the first sustainability program in the US to be certified by the International Office of Biological Control (IOBC). LIVE has also expanded its environmental protection rules to comply with the Salmon Safe certification that encourages farming practices designed to restore and protect streams and rivers. Firesteed also follows Oregon’s strict wine-labeling regulations, which require the highest levels of honest and integrity for wine labeling in the U.S.

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