Goose Ridge Winery
Goose Ridge’s estate vineyard ranks as one of Washington State’s premier vineyards, producing some of the finest wines in the United States.

All of the grapes used in Goose Ridge’s five wine labels – Goose Ridge Estate, g3, Tall Sage, Stonecap and Cascadian Outfitters – come from this remarkable 2,200-acre estate vineyard, which is located a gently sloped site near Benton City and adjacent to the famed Red Mountain AVA. Several key viticulture factors contribute to the vineyard’s excellence.

Wine grapes in the Columbia Valley flourish under long hot days, cool nights and minimal rainfall during the growing season. The soil, deposited during the Missoula Floods of Ice Age thousands of years ago, is perfect for growing wine grapes. The Monson family takes the remarkable palate provided by Mother Nature and amplifies it with an unwavering commitment to modern vineyard management and sustainable farming practices.
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