Hakutsuru was founded in 1743 by Jihei Kano. Originally sold locally for decades, the Hakutsuru brand slowly built recognition and prestige throughout the years and found its spotlight on the world stage by being exhibited at the 1900 Paris World Fair. Since the 1900’s, Hakutsuru has continually expanded, from a single brewing facility to three (with one solely dedicated to hand crafted Daiginjo and exclusive limited releases). It is currently the world’s largest saké producer.

One of Hakutsuru’s defining characteristics is its tireless pursuit of innovation. From diving deep into research of its water sources, building its own research facility for proprietary yeast, to developing its own unique saké-specific rice: Hakutsuru Nishiki, Hakutsuru has always strived to be at the forefront of saké brewing.

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