Kasumi Tsuru

Kasumi Tsuru, meaning “The Crane of Kasumi”, is named after its hometown located on the Sea of Japan in the Hyogo prefecture. Kasumi is known for its fresh seasonal crabs, idyllic spring baths and the local saké. 

Founded in 1725, Kasumi Tsuru is one of the rarest breweries in Japan to only brew in Kimoto and Yamahai methods. Kimoto and Yamahai styles are more time consuming but give the saké distinct depth and flavor. 

Brewmaster Tatsuya Matsumoto embraces these meticulous and laborious methods, creating a line of distinctive, premium saké. His commitment to remain as one of the rare Kimoto and Yamahai masters has been shown in Kasumi’s consistent recognition of awards both in Japan and internationally. Even after more than 20 years of brewing experience he humbly claims that he is still a student at his craft and aspires to keep making better saké. 

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