KIBO (key-bo) means “hope” in Japanese.

Suisen Shuzo Co. is located in Rikuzentakata City, in the southern region of the Iwate Prefecture. The Kura was established September 26th, 1944, when eight saké brewers merged together, with the oldest brewery being established 200 years ago. The name Suisen comes from the Japanese words "drunken" and "enchanted land", which derived from the famous painter Sato Kagakusai, who had said that his soul was enhanced to an enchanted land with Suisen saké taste.

The earthquake and tsunami of March 2011 completely destroyed the Suisen Shuzo Saké Brewery, the producers of Kibo saké, and tragically took the lives of seven of their employees. With much passion and perseverance, the saké brewery was rebuilt and the company resumed saké production the following year. The spirit of Suisen brewery lives on in its Kibo Junmai Saké. A little can of hope.

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