Murai Family
The Murai Family’s passion for saké is found in their nearly 200 years of handcrafting some of the finest saké in Aomori Prefecture under the name Momokawa Brewing Japan. Their commitment can be seen in consecutive annual Gold Medals for brewing excellence since 1950. In the U.S., their saké is presented under the Murai Family name and each bottle is emblazoned with the Nebuta Warrior image taken from the famous fire festival in Aomori.

Murai Family’s brewery is located in Amori’s southeastern part in Hachinohe. Landmarked by the 1585m Mt. Hakkoda, Aomori Prefecture is blessed with abundant nature. The soft water and mild summer helps grow some of the finest sake rice in the country. Being in northern Japan, in the winter, the same soft water and cold temperature for delicate fermentation help produce Murai Family’s award-winning lineup of mellow and smooth sake.
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