Abadia Retuerta
There is a stretch of road in Spain that wine enthusiasts worship; the 24 miles between Valladolid and Peñafiel.  It’s home to an unparalleled concentration of Spain’s greatest wineries.  It’s been referred to as the “Golden Mile” and it earned this name and reputation because of the highest quality of wine it produces.  Once part of the original Vega Sicilia Estate, Abadia Retuerta was given a second life when this portion of the estate was sold to a Swiss company in 1991.  

Under the guidance of Pascal Delbeck, formerly of Chateau Ausone, Abadia Retuerta was transformed into a gravity flow winery with underground ageing cellars and is producing world class wines.

The gravelly benchland on the south side of the Duero River reaches a peak elevation of more than 850 meters and offers diverse soil types, altitudes and grape varieties which deliver wines with complex character. The principal wine of the estate is the “Seleccion Especial.”
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