Imperial is one of the renowned references in the entire history of Spanish winemaking. It is a true classic Rioja and was first bottled in the 1920’s. The soil is rich in iron salts, limestone and clay. The name Imperial comes from a special bottling that was originally made for the English market called “Pinta Imperial” or “Imperial Pint.”The grapes to make Imperial have always come from our own 28 hectares of vineyards in Villalba (Rioja Alta), and selected vineyards in the nearby communes of Briones and Montalvo, where our vines average age is kept over 20 years to secure quality.

Rioja Alta is the westernmost part of Rioja's three subregions. Its climate is noticeably influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. The soil in Rioja Alta is rich in iron salts, limestone and clay, along with nutrients deposited in the region by the tributaries of the Ebro River. Rioja Alta is known for producing full-bodied wines with a medium alcohol content and a high acidity level that are suitable for being aged in casks, forming the basis of most red Rioja
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