René Barbier

In 1870, the phylloxera plague devastated the vineyards of France, including those of the Barbier family. Léon Barbier, the son of the vineyard owners eventually settled in Catalunya, Spain in the 1880’s to start a new winery.

Léon Barbier applied his expertise in the French wine-making tradition to the climate of the Catalan islands. He found that using Spanish grape varieties, he could craft high-quality wines with unquestionable personality. His son, René, continued his legacy by sharing his quality wines around the world. The results were magnificent red and white wines of the highest quality, rooted in the Mediterranean tradition and culture.

In Mediterranean culture, the measure of life is how well you enjoy yourself, meaning that life, at its finest, is uncomplicated. René Barbier wines are exactly that. They are robust, unpretentious and fresh. They are wines that epitomize the Mediterranean philosophy and culture. Modestly priced, each of the René Barbier wines is straightforward and approachable. A taste of life on the Mediterranean.

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