Partner Vermouth

Partner Vermouth hearkens to an earlier America when alcohol and medicine were one and the same. Whiskey and vermouth cured all.

Vermouth is wine infused with botanicals. This marriage of flavors dates back to the origins of wine itself. The Caesars and Pharaohs of the ancient world had their own royal recipes, as well as the common folks on their farms.

Families throughout history added herbs and spices to their local wine, both for flavor and for health. Vermouth has always been considered medicinal as well as delicious, and Partner Vermouth are continuing the tradition.

Partner Vermouth’s unique complexity comes from their winemaking teams’ knowledge of aromatic bitters and their ability to blend, taste and tweak over and over until it’s perfect. Enjoy Partner in your favorite cocktail, neat as an aperitif or digestive, over ice.

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