StoneCap, by Goose Ridge
The Mark Wine TVStonecap Wines are handcrafted entirely from estate grown grapes from the renowned Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard in Washington State's Columbia Valley. This expansive (1300 acres) and highly regarded vineyard allows the Monson Family to produce stunning quality wines while remaining sensibly priced.

Washington State's famed Columbia Valley produces extraordinary grapes in large part due to the area's great soils—the result of massive flooding during the last Ice Age. Light and porous, these soils are frequently wind-blown, and the windy tops of the many high hills and ridgelines of the region are typically devoid of soil leaving a "stonecap" of rocks behind.

The Monson family has been farming the Columbia Valley for over four decades. Their pride and dedication to these highly regarded vineyards and their respect for the land’s past, present and future is evident in the farming practices they maintain and the stunning quality of the wines they create.

As a part of sustainable farming, and to control vine damaging rodents and insects, the Monsons partner with Burrowing owls, songbirds, bats and other wildlife by providing nesting houses and promoting and protecting natural habitats and corridors. Cover crops of wheat and barley are planted in alternate years with natural vegetation to further promote a lively habitat for the good, natural predators that prey on vine-blighting insects, reducing or eliminating the need for pesticides. For more information on StoneCap, please visit The Mark Wine TV
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